Instructions on Application for G Visa Extension for Foreigners

Instructions on Application for G Visa Extension for Foreigners


 I Application Eligibility

Foreigners who pass through China can apply for an extension of G visa.


Supporting Documents and Relative Requirement

1. Valid passport or other international travel documents.

2. Completely filled VISA / STAY PERMIT / RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with recent half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo. Please fill in the application form in black ink or sign pen.

3. Valid accommodation registration of the applicant provided by the local police station or hotel of present residence.

4. Applicants with a G visa should submit a proof document by the Beijing local host organization, stating the details of the visit.

5.The identified date to the destination country (or region) and the connecting flight (or car, boat) ticket.

6. Other supporting materials that the Exit - Entry Administration Department requires.


 Timeline for Application

1. For application of G visa extension, foreigners can apply for extending duration of stay for no more than 30 days longer.

2. The extension for a longer duration of G visa is only valid for this referred entry and does not affect the entry times and period of validity of the original visa. The accumulated length of extension shall not exceed the original duration of stay specified in the visa.


Points for Attention

1. The applicant shall go through a face-to-face interview.

2. For the above-stated materials, the original documents need to be verified, and submit the copies.

3. Any application materials in foreign language (except English) should be translated into Chinese by qualified translation Company before submission.

4. Applicant who doesn’t nullify cancel China's household registration should apply after the cancellation of household registration. The relevant cancellation certificate issued by local police station of the registration shall be submitted if the Exit-entry Administration Department consider it necessary.

5. Foreigners under 18 who submit the application for the first time in China must submit their birth certificates, passports of parents and overseas residence certification.

6. Relevant rules please refer to No. 23 Notice of the Regulations on Foreigners’ Visa Application.