Instructions on Application for G Visa Extension for Foreigners

Instructions on Application for G Visa Extension for Foreigners


 I Application Eligibility

Foreigners whose passport or other international travelling document was lost, damaged or stolen during slay in China.


Supporting Documents and Relative Requirement

1. Valid passport and other international

travelling documents.

2.Completely filled VISA STAY PERMIT /RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with recent half-length, white background, bareheaded,full-faced 2-inch color photo. Please fill in the application form in black ink or sign pen.

3. Valid accommodation registration of the applicant provided by the local police station or hotel of present residence.

4. Applicants whose passport is lost or stolen should submit a proof of passport loss or a note from Ms or her Embassy in China.

5.Applicants whose passport is damaged should submit the damaged passport or a note from his or her Embassy in China.

6. Other supporting materials that the Exit And

Entry Administration Department requires.


Points for Attention

1. If the original visa has expired before loss report, penalty procedure should be gone through before reissuance.

2.If passport loss certification expires, penalty procedure should be gone through before reissuance.

3.Once reported loss, stolen, or damaged, the passport or other international travelling documents can not be used in visa application as valid identity


4. Relevant rules please refer to No. 23 Notice of the Regulations on Foreigners' Visa Application.